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DynaVenture Corp. traces its roots to 1947 when Harold Eidem started his first company. That company was Bearing & Transmission Supply.

Mr. Eidem's business acumen and commitment was a key reason that one small shop grew into five companies by 1976. As the businesses grew, so did the need for a centralized management company to supply central services and overall business direction to the operating entities. To fill the need, B&T Holdings was created.

It was an innovative step. Until that point, the common approach to the bearing business had been fragmentary. Now B&T Holdings provided the centralized direction for delivery of marketing, strategy, financing and other key policies. Suppliers soon became aware of the scope and extent of the company they were dealing with. They realized that B&T was much more than a single shop in one location, it was the sum of all locations. It was this vision for the future that set the company on its present course of business creation and development.

Harold Eidem passed away in 1976. He is missed by all who knew him, and the sense of "family" he had worked so hard to establish in his company has endured. Brian and Earl Eidem, Harold's sons, took over the reins and have consistently grown the business, creating new operating companies along the way. Brian and Earl have continued Harold's tradition of integrity in service combined with bold vision and strategy. By 1997, the time of the company's fiftieth anniversary,they had built a corporate group with a staff complement of 525.

Brian Eidem attributes the company's success to the commitment and motivation of key individuals: "Much of our success over the years can be credited to key shareholder/managers of many of the businesses within the group. Our long history of working with these committed and motivated people has definitely added value to our company, for all stakeholders."

In the year 2000, the Eidem family sold three major components of their holdings. With this change, the management company changed its name to DynaVenture Corp., to redefine its purpose: business development and creation.

Currently, the DynaVenture Group includes a number of young businesses based in Western Canada. These young companies all have strong engineering components, because the Eidems believe that greater "Value Add" can be realized in such a business environment. They also believe in the innovative use of technology to enhance the value that customer's receive.

In Earl Eidem's words: "We enjoy working with technology and employ it in all of our companies. We believe that by employing up to date technology, we can bring business solutions to our customers faster and better than our competition. I never said cheaper, because our customers are not looking for cheap solutions, they want well researched, well constructed products that will reduce their Cost of Ownership over a long period of time. Our group of companies employs current to leading edge technologies, in innovative ways, in order to build the same advantage for our customers."

Regarding work place culture, the Eidems believe in positive attitudes, honesty, hard work and rewards. They have always encouraged staff members to take risks and do not berate anyone for honest mistakes. They also work hard to ensure that DynaVenture staff members enjoy a good family business atmosphere where everyone is treated with respect and encouraged to succeed in their work and private lives. To support their efforts, DynaVenture offers comprehensive educational support for all employees.

For career related knowledge and skill improvement, staff members are often sent to specialized training seminars offered by leading suppliers and educational institutions accross North America. For general business and technical learning, as well as personal and family matters, DynaVenture supplies a state-of-the-art Learning Library. Jo-Ann Thompson, Harold Eidem's daughter, created the corporate library and continually stocks it with relevant resources. The DynaVenture Learning Library can be browsed online by all staff and their families, and orders can be placed online as well.

These are investments that continue to pay dividends to each individual, their families, and the team as a whole.

While Earl retired at the beginning of 2012, Brian remains active in the business and the entire management team remains focused on growing and developing the operating companies in the group.

DynaVenture Corp. continues to supply centralized services such as planning, accounting, computer systems, learning resources, business direction, financing and insurance services to the operating companies. In total, the DynaVenture Group has approximately 200 staff members located mostly in the Western Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta. The Head Office remains in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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