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Corporate Culture

Working Environment: In our environment we will encourage fun, flexibility, and friendships while we work together at being efficient, productive and professional. Our employees will feel provided for within our facilities and comfortable in their surroundings. We watch for the latest in equipment technology and react to opportunities to increase production and increase employee satisfaction through improvements.


Communication: Leaders ask the right questions of their employees because they value their opinions, ideas and concerns.  Employees in turn feel comfortable enough with their leaders to initiate discussions.  Feedback and information are consistently provided by all.


Skills and Abilities: We utilize the variety of skills that the team members have to offer, make sure that people do what they are talented at, challenge their skills to produce high quality results and provide guidance and training to those that need or want to learn.


Work Hours: We create work schedules that balance the needs of our staff and our customers. We recognize and encourage a work/life balance that enhances both company and personal growth.


Opportunity: We hire into the team carefully.  Position opportunity is created through having a variety of work, a variety of equipment we use and the continuous growth of our company.  We work with our people to recognize their potential, utilize their skills and add to their skills.  Opportunities are open to all employees and selection decisions are based on the best potential for success.


Compensation: Employees can depend on our compensation strategy.  It contains methods for regularly monitoring fairness and reacting accordingly.  Benefit packages are monitored for continued suitability and changed to remain current, competitive and comprehensive.


Job Satisfaction: We will not assume our employees have job satisfaction.  We question it, coach it, monitor it, measure it and achieve it.


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