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DynaVenture Corporate Services

Benefits experienced as a company member of the DynaVenture group of companies

  • Professional Enterprise Resource Planning software seats without having to pay full cost for the robust solution
  • Experience the advantages of a Full featured Health benefit program tailored for large companies that they would not have qualified for or afforded on their own as a smaller company. Offering features likes this increase employee satisfaction, retention and helps to attract new employees, which are all advantages in a competitive marketplace.
  • Computer buying power, support, systems and software options that would have been out of reach as a small business.
  • VOIP telecommunication solutions purchased as a group for the benefit of all
  • Consolidated vendor agreements for courier, office supplies, and other purchases that allow us to experience volume discounts
  • Insurance requirements, legal support, business application requirements and Reporting requirements all taken care of from the DynaVenture support staff services
  • Favorable borrowing rates with our financial institution that otherwise would not have been made available


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