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Human Resources Services

The human resources group is lead by our V.P. of Human Resources providing a strategic approach to resource management. Through the latest practices available, our HR group assists each business achieve their business goals by properly selecting, training, motivating and engaging their employees to become best in their field.
Services include but are not limited to:

  • The development of processes, programs and policies including the associated documentation and formats needed.
  • The support of leadership team in employee development such as behavior correction, career planning, skill development, succession planning, and recognition strategies.
  • The design and administration of the compensation system, benefit plans and Retirement Savings plans.
  • Workforce planning which includes the recruiting, pre-screening, interviewing, hiring, orientating, restructuring and reducing of staff as needed.
  • Providing support related to how to meet legal employment standards.
  • Program and practice analysis through metrics and employee surveys to ensure continued suitability and preferred outcomes.
  • Corporate culture development and focus on providing a good working environment
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