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DynaVenture Corporate Services

Information Technology, Telephony and ERP Services

IT Administration, direction and advancements led by our Chief Technology Officer coupled with our staff of highly qualified information technology, telephony & ERP professionals. Our team is able to analyze the requirements of your business needs and design and support a robust, scalable solution for your thriving company.
Services include but are not limited to:

  • Hardware Centralized purchasing allowing special group pricing
  • Onsite installation, maintenance and Support
  • Use of our Data centre environment
  • Software selection, installation, training and support
  • Telephony service support and management including VOIP & Conferencing services
  • Wireless & Cabling Design, support and services
  • Management of the ERP systems to ensure that the users are gaining every advantage and efficiency that they can through its appropriate use.
  • Web Development, Hosting and Management
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